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I simply can't thank you enough for your help in improving different sites and services related to radhagopinath.

- Sankirtandas (radhagopinath.com, deitydarshan.com), Mumbai, received in SMS

Thank you very much for your valuable time, advice and service attitude. You are really doing such a great service by helping us set up our website. Without your help it would have been extremely difficult to channelise and streamline these complicated things since we are not technically sound in the procedures.

- Shyamkrishnadas (iskconvrindavan.com), Vrindavan, received in email

Please accept a millions of thanks for developing a very very beautiful vrindavandarshan website. Millions of devotees have been benefited by this beautiful website.

- Shyamkrishnadas (vrindavandarshan.com), Vrindavan, received in email

As far as mailnspace hosting goes, one thing i have felt over this few months is that the UPTIME rocks. Me and my friends together have account with all most all big players. Every one of it had downtime, but never had any issue of down time with mailnspace hosting. That is what i like most about it. Apart from that i have not noticed any other spciallity on it. Just that solid uptime.

- Saurav Basu (firenadicepizzeria.com, chotocheeta.com, republicday.in), Kolkatta, received online

I just took a domain and hosting from mailnspace and i can say the support is the best! They will take pains for you to ensure that you are completely satisfied. A no-problem host! 10/10

- Kaplik Nigam (kalpiknigam.com), New Delhi, received online

Actually Iím very happy with your service, because at most predicament situation I can call you. This is my best option.

- Muthu, Hero IT Solution, Bahrain, received in email